The Typical Transportation In Bangkok

Typical Transportation In Bangkok

Some people said that Bangkok is similar to Jakarta. some things actually has the similarity, such as the crowded with high rise buildings and the traffic density. But, some another things they have differences. Bangkok ha s better level of cleanliness and neatness. The sidewalks are wide and pleasant to walk, the city parks are carefully maintained, and the river flows is freely without being hampered by a pile of household garbage. The people of Bangkok also know the rules better. We will not find the motorbikes who have taken a pedestrian through sidewalk. Click here for more info about other tourism.

Facilitation Of Transportation In Bangkok

The sound pollution also very minimum in that city. We will not hear the noisy sound from the horn of another taxies or private vehicles when there are any city bus or tuk-tuk that stopped a little in the middle of the road to tide down the passengers. This city is not only clean and neat, but also Bangkok has better public transportation and dont you ever miss go to Street Food Recommendation In Bangkok For Night Culinary. This four reasons may become the reason for you to visit Bangkok. The city that have fast and tight rail based mass transportation is the city which developing well.


Basically there are 516 bus routes that are available in Thailand. You will see the route numbers in the front of the bus. But unfortunately, this number of route is written by Thai script, so you will be feel confused. The buses usually operate from 5 a.m until 11 p.m, for everyday. But, if you want to go to the hotel in 10 p.m, you will find them hardly. The rates are relatively affordable and it difference by the colors of the bus. For the red-cream color of bus, you need 7 Baht and for white-blue bus, you need 8 Baht.


This BTS is a mass rapid transit transportation, or usually called as sky-train, because all The BTS tracks are elevated. Now, the BTS itself has two lines, that is Silom Line and Sukhumvit Line. Silom and Sukhumvit itself are indeed two main business areas in Bangkok. So that, from these two regions the BTS project began. Currently, BTS is doing an extension, so that later there will be several new stations and lines.  For the ticket price is 15 Baht until 52 Baht, depend on the distance of route. But we also can choose one-day pass  which can be used unlimited all day with the price 130 Baht.

Chao Praya Express Boat

A the largest river, Chao Praya provides a wide selection of notch to travel. There are  five types of ships that vary according to the color of the flag. For the ship that has the blue flag is especially reserved for tourists with rate of 40 Baht and sell on board. For the ships that has yellow flag is reserved to who those want to cross the river. This ship has the operate time from Monday to Friday at 6 a.m and 4 .m with the rate 20-29 Baht. The green flag ships is also reserved to public, it is operate on Monday to Friday at 6 a.m and 4 p.m, with rate 13-32 Baht. See here for more info about religion tourism.