The Important Tips If You Want To Visiting Grand Palace Bangkok

Grand Palace Bangkok

Bangkok is the one of the beautiful city in Thailand. There are some places that you can visit if you come to this city. One of the most beautiful places in Bangkok is the Royal Grand Palace. The exterior and interior design of the Thai King’s Palace is very sleek and stunning. If we are inside of this palace, so we will feel like being in the palace walled in gold due to the gold due to the golden yellow effect of this building.

The History Of Grand Palace

Royal Grand Palace is one of the famous places in Bangkok which built in 1782. This palace to be the residence of King of Thailand and the office of Government Administration, for approximately 150 years. Grand Palace Bangkok is a large and elegant building that we must respect to the Thai people for the expertise and creativity to build this gold palace. Even, for now, this palace is not to be the residence of the King of Thailand but this palace still used to ceremonial event and spiritual center from The Kingdom of Thailand.

The architecture of the around this palace is like the island of Ratanakonsin, this place is also similar with Ayutthaya Palace, a former capital of Siam that ever be triumphed before attacked by Burma. In the outside of the Courthouse there is the building which use to civil administration, army, and treasure, the Emerald Budha Temple in one of these outdoor courtyards. The Central Courthouse is the residence of The King and the space for conducting state business activities. There are only two rooms are open for the public. But you still will be able to admire  the beautiful details of the architectural structure of this amazing building.

If you have a plan to visit The Grand Palace in Bangkok, so you have to prepare some things before you go there. First of all is come early in the day. This is very important for you who do not like the crowds.  You need to come in early morning because the palace could be too crowded on day, especially on Saturday and Sunday. Try to come to this place before 8 a.m. If you come to this palace in a day, so you will disturb by many people that also visit that palace. You will not be free to take the photos in every spot.

Another important thing is you have to prepare 500 THB to visit this Royal Grand Palace. Even it quite expensive jut to visit the palace but it worth. Because you must visit the inside of the majestic and luxurious Wat Phra Kaew or the Temple of The Emerald Buddha. Especially for you photographers or historical worshipers, you have to visit this palace. And for you the foreign travelers you also have to visit this palace because you will see the glamorous palace and amazing Buddha Temple.

The Grand Palace is one of the holy place in Bangkok. So, you have to use the polite clothes to visit that place. You will not permitted to visit this palace with the sexy dress or short pants.

You may use shirt or t-shirt properly. And not only that, you have to keep your attitude while there. If you want to visit this Grand Palace, so you need to provide enough time. Because this palace is quite large. You need 3 until 4 hours to exploring every place in the complex of Royal Grand Palace. That Wat Pho can only explored for up to four hours, from the Grand Palace, you can also walk to Wat Pho and Wat Arun, the both other famous attractions in Bangkok.