Street Food Recommendation In Bangkok For Night Culinary

Street Food Recommendation In Bangkok

Street Food Recommendation In Bangkok

Who doesn’t know Bangkok? The capital city of Thailand that become famous as a favourite tourism destination in Southeast Asia. The tourist attractions offered are never end. In the morning, we can visit the floating market in Damnoen Saduak district, then in the afternoon we can visit Royal Grand Palace and Chatuchak Market. Then at night, you can hang out while ordering Thai food.


As the Buddhist city, Bangkok is not only have the gold palace but also the world best street food. One of the best street that offered many kinds of food is Youwarat. Youwarat is the first destination that must be visited when the nights begin. Youwarat is the main road in the Chinatown area which is the birthplace of street food throughout Thailand. Even though this place is quite old, but until now, this area is still to be popular of culinary tourism in Bangkok.

The food stalls in this street are the sellers that have the best quality and authentic taste and creativity that can make they survived in competition. Youwarat food street has the mainstay menu that is seafood and barbecues. But if you go further a long in every narrow alley, you will find dimsum, Thai noodles, oyster omelette, and ice cream that has very special taste.

Even this street is classified as an elite culinary spot, but you no need to worry about the price. Youwarat has a wide selection of food stalls ranging from the sellers in cart who provide the take away menus to attractive restaurants with relaxed atmosphere that makes your evening warmer.

Bangkok Old City

As the name implies, old City is the only one street food with classic taste.even it is classic, but the most eating places in here have existed for decades and managed by the generations of the master of culinary. Even so, the situation that never changing hands. This is what makes the Old City is always flooded with culinary hunters.

You will find everything about culinary starts from snacks, the Thai Crepes, Thai noodles, and various seafood dishes. On this street you may also enjoy the unique view of the historical buildings that are the background including the Democracy Monument. Located not fr from the Ratchadamnoen area with its romantic street light decoration so you will feel the nostalgic moment in this place.

Chareon Krung

If you have a plan to visit around Chaeron Krung, you may not to eating full before. Because there are many kinds of delicious foods and snacks in this area throughout the night. Unlike the other street foods, the food menu in Chareon Krung is more different classified. It caused this area is an immigration center in Bangkok. So you will not only find the Thai foods, but also Indian, Chinese, and Western Food. Everything in here including roast duck, porridge, green curry until toast. You may also find the dozens of food stalls that has more fish based menu, starting from soup to baked goods.

Petchaburi Soi 5

This another street food is quite close from  Victory Monument. This street food area is quite popular because of its cheap price. The sellers are also dominated by stalls that only provide take away menus. But if you are observant, there are also many places to eat and suitable to hang out. Ranging from the various of Thai Noodles, fruits salad, and also traditional snacks. One of the recommended restaurant is P’Aor. In this restaurant, you will be spoiled with chewy noodles with a thick broth while enjoying the hustle and bustle of metropolitan Bangkok. That some of street foods above is only a smart part of the hundreds of Bangkok culinary tourism spot.