Finding The Most Grounded Bag: 4 Bags Through Preliminary Demolition

Finding the most grounded bag

Bags are well known in the network through the “strength test: The Suitcase Must Die” otherwise known as Koper Must Die. The chose bags will experience various devastation activities, from Sledge Hammer assaults to being dropped over the vehicle.

Our sturdiness test: baggage Must Die

We made four stages in the “strength test” to perceive how a lot of discipline a bag can get before it at last separates. We presume that by dropping a vehicle over these bags it will polish off every one of them, however what an unexpected we were on the grounds that it worked out that three of the 8 bags prevailing through this sentence!


Test 1: Sparta kick

As a reenactment of a falling gear circumstance (or tossed!) from the things plane, we dropped each bag from a stature of about 1.5 m to the ground.


Test 2: A sledge attack

Bags can have a beating during travel, so we delegate the undertaking to our very own test to hit each bag utilizing a sledge weighing 4.53 kg.


Test 3: The valve

In the existence adventure of the bags, the bag encounters a ton of overwhelming beneficial experience, for example, kicked and stomped on. We thusly ask our Viking (which has a similar load as the polar bear, which is 150 kg) to stroll on the floor covering of the bag.


Test 4: Car piersion

Alright, it is conceivable that a vehicle tumbles from the sky and comes to pass for your bag during your adventure is slight (ideally). Nonetheless, we were not able shun attempting to do a bit “slaughter” activity. Nobody of us imagines that there will be a bag that can withstand this activity, yet we are incorrect! There is an extremely intense bag out there.

Chosen gear to be tried

We chose 8 unique bags, extending from modest and merry take a gander at Rp 450.000, to Samsonite Premium bag for Rp 6.600.000.


1. Prominent Move Water

Taiwanese-based bag plant, Eminent, expressed that their bags were ‘ intended for clients with numerous requests and have been perceived worldwide for long sturdiness ‘.

Value: Rp 1.900.000 from Amazon

Limit: 66 liters

Measurements: 68 x 43 x 24 cm

Weight: 3.1 kg

Finding the most grounded bag
Finding the most grounded bag

Usefulness: 4/5

The bag has a five-year guarantee, four rough twofold spinner wheels, a mix of a TSA lock, an adjustable handle, and a hold on top and side. Within is layered and has profound pockets with zip and rope.


Sturdiness test: 5/5

Like hard Taiwan treats! This bag is made of another Polycarbonate® Makrolon and as per Eminent this bag is profoundly impervious to extraordinary demolition. This bag is one of three bags that made due in spite of being condemned to a vehicle on it! Indeed, even this bag is in an awesome condition so we can utilize it to take the film gear back to the workplace. We concur with the durability of this bag.


Incentive for Money: 4/5

These lightweight, utilitarian and extreme bags are made to keep going quite a while and are the correct decision for individuals who travel a great deal via plane.

2. Karabar K-Bar-310 Medium

Karabar is an English-made bag with a modest cost and is portrayed as ‘ savvy, enduring and creative bag ‘.

Value: Rp 590.000 from Amazon

Limit: 69 liters

Measurements: 67 x 44 x 27 cm

Weight: 3.3 kg

Usefulness: 4/5

This bag has four single-spinner wheels, a mix of TSA locks, adjustable handles, top and side handles, and a three-year guarantee.

Finding the most grounded bag
Finding the most grounded bag


Sturdiness test: 3/5

The makers state that this bag is produced using the most detail material and has experienced stringent quality control tests. This bag prevailing through Sparta Kick Test (tossed from a tallness of 1.5 m to the ground) however harmed on the Stomp Test.


Incentive for Money: 5/5

This bag isn’t the hardest among the others yet the cost is neighborly (the second most economical bag in this test). The baggage is great and useful at a moderate cost.


3. Delsey Helium

French Delsey gear production line guarantees that their blue-sky Helium bag is ‘ the most secure ‘ and ‘ the ideal blend of light weight and long strength ‘.

Value: Rp 3.900.000 from Amazon

Limit: 101 Liters

Measurements: 69 x 47 x 31 cm

Weight: 3.2 kg

Usefulness: 5/5


This bag is 10 years guarantee and has 4 single-spinner wheels, a blend of TSA locks, adaptive hold, and handles both above or more. Within the bag is covered and has a compartimentary zip, pocket with zip, and versatile restriction ties.


Strength: 5/5

Delsey states that Helium has ‘ outrageous solidness ‘ and they are right. This bag makes due against the sledge blow of our Viking. The truth of the matter is Delsey Helium is harder than the French Legion. This bag is one of three bags that figured out how to endure despite the fact that it has been a vehicle from above. On the off chance that this bag can withstand this test, the treatment of the transporter of excessively energized bags won’t be an issue.


Incentive for Money: 4/5

This bag isn’t the least expensive in the market, yet you pay for its phenomenal quality, style, and usefulness. This bag is an intense bag.


4. Baggage X 77

The principle trademark that will be sold by Koper X is that this bag ‘ can not be pulverized ‘. The bag is strong enough that the bag feels extreme and with a limit of 127 liters This bag is the biggest in this test.

Value: Rp 1.570.000 from Amazon

Limit: 127 liters

Measurements: 77 x 56 x 36 cm

Weight: 4.9 kg

Usefulness: 4/5


This bag is one year guarantee and has four directional wheels that can turn 360 degrees effectively, retractable hold with three diverse locking positions, two handles, and a zip spread with a blend of TSA locks. Within the bag is completely covered with a glossy silk and has two compartimens with dash just as extra zipped pockets for individual gear.


Durability test: 5/5

At the point when we considered the to be from Luggage X as a ‘ can’t be demolished ‘ bag, we thought – we just observed it later! In any case, the announcement is valid. We give a progression of durability tests against gear produced using ultra-lightweight Polypropylene, which is a material that has high protection from substantial burdens, and this bag is one that effectively comes back with the entire Despite the rankle to the Skyscanner office. Any bag that figured out how to endure despite the fact that it has been on the vehicle from above, has unquestionably been granted the full grant from us.


Incentive for cash: 5/5

This bag is a boss with this cost. This bag is extreme, practical, and has an awesome cost. Beforehand we had never known about Luggage X, however this bag has figured out how to substantiate itself as a superior bag than the bag of the better known contenders.