Street Food Recommendation In Bangkok For Night Culinary

Street Food Recommendation In Bangkok

Street Food Recommendation In Bangkok

Who doesn’t know Bangkok? The capital city of Thailand that become famous as a favourite tourism destination in Southeast Asia. The tourist attractions offered are never end. In the morning, we can visit the floating market in Damnoen Saduak district, then in the afternoon we can visit Royal Grand Palace and Chatuchak Market. Then at night, you can hang out while ordering Thai food.


As the Buddhist city, Bangkok is not only have the gold palace but also the world best street food. One of the best street that offered many kinds of food is Youwarat. Youwarat is the first destination that must be visited when the nights begin. Youwarat is the main road in the Chinatown area which is the birthplace of street food throughout Thailand. Even though this place is quite old, but until now, this area is still to be popular of culinary tourism in Bangkok.

The food stalls in this street are the sellers that have the best quality and authentic taste and creativity that can make they survived in competition. Youwarat food street has the mainstay menu that is seafood and barbecues. But if you go further a long in every narrow alley, you will find dimsum, Thai noodles, oyster omelette, and ice cream that has very special taste.

Even this street is classified as an elite culinary spot, but you no need to worry about the price. Youwarat has a wide selection of food stalls ranging from the sellers in cart who provide the take away menus to attractive restaurants with relaxed atmosphere that makes your evening warmer.

Bangkok Old City

As the name implies, old City is the only one street food with classic taste.even it is classic, but the most eating places in here have existed for decades and managed by the generations of the master of culinary. Even so, the situation that never changing hands. This is what makes the Old City is always flooded with culinary hunters.

You will find everything about culinary starts from snacks, the Thai Crepes, Thai noodles, and various seafood dishes. On this street you may also enjoy the unique view of the historical buildings that are the background including the Democracy Monument. Located not fr from the Ratchadamnoen area with its romantic street light decoration so you will feel the nostalgic moment in this place.

Chareon Krung

If you have a plan to visit around Chaeron Krung, you may not to eating full before. Because there are many kinds of delicious foods and snacks in this area throughout the night. Unlike the other street foods, the food menu in Chareon Krung is more different classified. It caused this area is an immigration center in Bangkok. So you will not only find the Thai foods, but also Indian, Chinese, and Western Food. Everything in here including roast duck, porridge, green curry until toast. You may also find the dozens of food stalls that has more fish based menu, starting from soup to baked goods.

Petchaburi Soi 5

This another street food is quite close from  Victory Monument. This street food area is quite popular because of its cheap price. The sellers are also dominated by stalls that only provide take away menus. But if you are observant, there are also many places to eat and suitable to hang out. Ranging from the various of Thai Noodles, fruits salad, and also traditional snacks. One of the recommended restaurant is P’Aor. In this restaurant, you will be spoiled with chewy noodles with a thick broth while enjoying the hustle and bustle of metropolitan Bangkok. That some of street foods above is only a smart part of the hundreds of Bangkok culinary tourism spot.

Chatuchak Weekend Market The Shopping Place In Bangkok


For you who is travellers Chatuchak Weekend Market surely often hear as the name of shopping place that the biggest market in Southeast Asia. The Chatuchak market does not seem to be separated from the city of Bangkok. This market was to be trademark for this city. It seems that if you go to Bangkok, you have to visit The Chatuchak market. As the name implies, this market is only open in weekends, Saturday and Sunday. But in Friday, this market is also open from 6 pm ‘till midnight. More info about other amazing tourism.

The Attractiveness Of Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak has more than 10 hundred outlets, with more than 250 hundred visitors for each weekend. This market also become a favorite shopping place for the people of Bangkok and foreign tourists. Consists of more than 27 sections that sell variety items, such as fashion products, furniture, fabrics, jewelry, souvenirs, pets, and etc.

Tips To Visit Chatuchak Market

For you those who first time visit this market, you will be dizzy to looking for the desired items, because you have to go around into various aisles with no Air Conditioner, like at mall. Actually The Chatuchak Market is not too difficult to navigate. For the first time visit, you have to immediately took for a map of this place and see what items that you want to buy. If you seen this map and sections in this giant market, so you will be certainly easy to explore The Chatuchak Weekend Market. Do not forget to use the comfort clothes and wearing shoes or sandals that not make blisters. Use the clothes that absorb sweat and prepare the sunblock to protect your skin.

Another tips to visit this giant market is you have to bring enough money cash, because the most of the outlets here only accept the transactions on cash, not the credit cards. Because you need to bring the money cash, so you must be attention to keep it in safe, stay alert if you carry a bag. You must bring that bag on your front. If you think that you wiil buy a lot of products, you may choose to bring trolley than shopping bag. For another trip maybe you can enjoy  Visiting Grand Palace Bangkok.

You must be friendly when bargaining. Thai people are very famous for their hospitality. This is also reflected by the traders. If you are kind and smile, who knows you will get the low price. For the information, the price that tag in products of Chatuchak Market are usually not over. So it may be reduced by 15-20%, because it is usually already cheap.

For you those who fashionable, there is one part in Chatuchak Market which consists of a row small boutiques that are attractive and trendy.

The clothes that sell in section are more expensive than those in other areas in Chatuchak. But as we often hear that in Chatuchak you can get t-shirt for 155 baht, this t-shirt with a better quality and design like t-shirt which usually sell till 255 Baht. You will find the suitable clothing and accessories in this market.

The Travel Destination That You Must Visit In Pattaya


Pattaya is one of tha largest beach resort city in Asia and to be the second most visited city in Thailand. Pattaya city is divided into three mains areas, which names Naklua, Jomtien, and Pattaya Beach. The development of this city is very fast, especially in The Jomtien Sattahip area which is full fo tourits attractions scattered on either side of Sukhumvit-Moo Road.

Nong Noch Village

This tourist area is not a village even it names Nong Noch Village. Nong Noch is the largest tropical park in Southeast Asia with an area of more than 600 hectares. Initially this area was intended fro planting local fruits, but in its development, this place was changed into a place of conservation of certain plant and flower species before being opened to the public.

In the Park of Nong Noch there are the attractions that is often in the Thailand tour package itinerary offered by travel tour agents. Because, the park here is amazingly beautiful, cool and spacious. This park looks more like an amusement park. Visitors can walk alone along the landscape. There are so many type of plants here that even reach 671 species, ranging from palm plants, tropical plants, bonsai, and various type of flowers.

That park is made in accordance with the theme. There are some themes, such as, French Garden with symmetrical design, stone age gardens, Versailles park, and European Renaissance gardens. The visitors can rent a bicycle and walk around the area to the butterfly hill. This park is not just the ordinary park but in here there are also held performances for a period of time. Held at the Thai Cultural Hall. The performances shown are Muay Thai, Thai dance, ancient drumming, and elephant performances.

Pattaya Floating Market

Not only Indonesia, Thailand is also has floating market in Pattaya. In Thailand, the floating market are mostly located in lake or small river, one of that floating market is The Pattaya Floating Market. This tourists destination that just opened in 2008 has wooden buildings that built on large artificial lakes. That building was specifically designed to represent the traditional styles from various regions in Thailand. There are crafts, food, and anythings here. For the good time to visit this floating market, you may come early in the morning till afternoon. You no need to worry, because there are some restaurants here.

Silverlake Vineyard

Silverlake Vineyard in Pattaya is the first and only vineyard in East Thailand. With an area of about 490 hectares, Silverlake Vineyard produces fresh wine and it is located in the right next to Khao Chee Chan Buddha or Laser Buddha Mountain. So, if you visit this vineyard, you may also visit Laser Buddha. This tourist destination is owned by Mr. Surachai Tangjaitrong and his wife Mrs. Supansa Noengpirom. This place is created by the inspiration of wine vineyard in America. Other park tourism see here guys.

Tiffany’s Ladyboy Cabaret Show

This one of the attractions that showcase the most famous entertainment attractions in Pattaya. Of course, we all know that Thailand is one of the countries that are famous for the attractive and beautiful ladyboy. In Pattaya, especially at Tiffany’s Ladyboy Cabaret Show, you will enjoy the music and dance. Magnificent with stage decorations and ladyboys who use dresses that also beautiful. At Tiffany’s Ladyboy Cabaret Show, this shows entertainment attractions such as singing performances, dances, and sometimes even interspersed with comedy jokes. The dance that was performed in this place was in the form of traditional Korean dance, Bollywood dance, and also Chinese dance. Sometimes, there are show in Tiffany’s Ladyboy Cabaret Show that show the Thai dance that told the Siamese story.

The Important Tips If You Want To Visiting Grand Palace Bangkok

Grand Palace Bangkok

Bangkok is the one of the beautiful city in Thailand. There are some places that you can visit if you come to this city. One of the most beautiful places in Bangkok is the Royal Grand Palace. The exterior and interior design of the Thai King’s Palace is very sleek and stunning. If we are inside of this palace, so we will feel like being in the palace walled in gold due to the gold due to the golden yellow effect of this building.

The History Of Grand Palace

Royal Grand Palace is one of the famous places in Bangkok which built in 1782. This palace to be the residence of King of Thailand and the office of Government Administration, for approximately 150 years. Grand Palace Bangkok is a large and elegant building that we must respect to the Thai people for the expertise and creativity to build this gold palace. Even, for now, this palace is not to be the residence of the King of Thailand but this palace still used to ceremonial event and spiritual center from The Kingdom of Thailand.

The architecture of the around this palace is like the island of Ratanakonsin, this place is also similar with Ayutthaya Palace, a former capital of Siam that ever be triumphed before attacked by Burma. In the outside of the Courthouse there is the building which use to civil administration, army, and treasure, the Emerald Budha Temple in one of these outdoor courtyards. The Central Courthouse is the residence of The King and the space for conducting state business activities. There are only two rooms are open for the public. But you still will be able to admire  the beautiful details of the architectural structure of this amazing building.

If you have a plan to visit The Grand Palace in Bangkok, so you have to prepare some things before you go there. First of all is come early in the day. This is very important for you who do not like the crowds.  You need to come in early morning because the palace could be too crowded on day, especially on Saturday and Sunday. Try to come to this place before 8 a.m. If you come to this palace in a day, so you will disturb by many people that also visit that palace. You will not be free to take the photos in every spot.

Another important thing is you have to prepare 500 THB to visit this Royal Grand Palace. Even it quite expensive jut to visit the palace but it worth. Because you must visit the inside of the majestic and luxurious Wat Phra Kaew or the Temple of The Emerald Buddha. Especially for you photographers or historical worshipers, you have to visit this palace. And for you the foreign travelers you also have to visit this palace because you will see the glamorous palace and amazing Buddha Temple.

The Grand Palace is one of the holy place in Bangkok. So, you have to use the polite clothes to visit that place. You will not permitted to visit this palace with the sexy dress or short pants.

You may use shirt or t-shirt properly. And not only that, you have to keep your attitude while there. If you want to visit this Grand Palace, so you need to provide enough time. Because this palace is quite large. You need 3 until 4 hours to exploring every place in the complex of Royal Grand Palace. That Wat Pho can only explored for up to four hours, from the Grand Palace, you can also walk to Wat Pho and Wat Arun, the both other famous attractions in Bangkok.