Chatuchak Weekend Market The Shopping Place In Bangkok


For you who is travellers Chatuchak Weekend Market surely often hear as the name of shopping place that the biggest market in Southeast Asia. The Chatuchak market does not seem to be separated from the city of Bangkok. This market was to be trademark for this city. It seems that if you go to Bangkok, you have to visit The Chatuchak market. As the name implies, this market is only open in weekends, Saturday and Sunday. But in Friday, this market is also open from 6 pm ‘till midnight. More info about other amazing tourism.

The Attractiveness Of Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak has more than 10 hundred outlets, with more than 250 hundred visitors for each weekend. This market also become a favorite shopping place for the people of Bangkok and foreign tourists. Consists of more than 27 sections that sell variety items, such as fashion products, furniture, fabrics, jewelry, souvenirs, pets, and etc.

Tips To Visit Chatuchak Market

For you those who first time visit this market, you will be dizzy to looking for the desired items, because you have to go around into various aisles with no Air Conditioner, like at mall. Actually The Chatuchak Market is not too difficult to navigate. For the first time visit, you have to immediately took for a map of this place and see what items that you want to buy. If you seen this map and sections in this giant market, so you will be certainly easy to explore The Chatuchak Weekend Market. Do not forget to use the comfort clothes and wearing shoes or sandals that not make blisters. Use the clothes that absorb sweat and prepare the sunblock to protect your skin.

Another tips to visit this giant market is you have to bring enough money cash, because the most of the outlets here only accept the transactions on cash, not the credit cards. Because you need to bring the money cash, so you must be attention to keep it in safe, stay alert if you carry a bag. You must bring that bag on your front. If you think that you wiil buy a lot of products, you may choose to bring trolley than shopping bag. For another trip maybe you can enjoy  Visiting Grand Palace Bangkok.

You must be friendly when bargaining. Thai people are very famous for their hospitality. This is also reflected by the traders. If you are kind and smile, who knows you will get the low price. For the information, the price that tag in products of Chatuchak Market are usually not over. So it may be reduced by 15-20%, because it is usually already cheap.

For you those who fashionable, there is one part in Chatuchak Market which consists of a row small boutiques that are attractive and trendy.

The clothes that sell in section are more expensive than those in other areas in Chatuchak. But as we often hear that in Chatuchak you can get t-shirt for 155 baht, this t-shirt with a better quality and design like t-shirt which usually sell till 255 Baht. You will find the suitable clothing and accessories in this market.